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The disaster in Japan

The disaster in Japan, caused by the record-setting earthquake and massive tsunami that followed, is one of the worst disasters of its kind in recent memory. At press time, it was being reported that over 20,000 people were killed with many more still missing. Sadly, the death toll is certain to go higher. All of us at Beasley Allen hurt deeply for the people in Japan. It’s difficult to watch the nightly news and see the devastation left behind for people in a country far away from where we reside. That distance between our two countries doesn’t lessen the pain and despair of the Japanese people. Nor should it lessen our need and desire to pray for and support them.

This situation in Japan makes all of the problems that we in the United States are facing seem rather small and certainly less compelling. The radiation problems resulting from the accidents at the nuclear plants in the affected areas compound the short- and long-range problems for the Japanese people. Governments all over the world are working in a number of ways to help out in Japan. Food, medical and other supplies, along with personnel, are being sent into the county. This help must continue until things in Japan are under control.

Our prayers continue to be with the Japanese people who have lost family members and friends and with those who are homeless. There are thousands who have lost their businesses and the ability to make a living for their families and our prayers also go out for them. The effects of this disaster will be with the Japanese people for a very long time and we must not let the passage of time put them out of our thoughts and prayers.

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