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Garlock Reaches $358 Million Settlement With Future Asbestos Claimants

Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC has reached what is being called an “unprecedented” agreement with future asbestos claimants in its bankruptcy case that includes a $358 million settlement of all asbestos injury claims against the company and a revised reorganization plan. The future asbestos claimants and Garlock’s parent company, EnPro Industries Inc., announced the accord, saying the amended plan “provides generous payments to all claimants with a compensable disease and meaningful contact with [Garlock's] asbestos-containing products during the course of their working careers.”

Source: Law360.com

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Product Liability - Feb 9, 2015 14:42 - 0 Comments

Jury Returns $2.5 Million Verdict In Wrongful Death Case

A Virginia federal jury returned a $2.5 million verdict against Ryobi Technologies Inc. last month. The jury made the award to the widow of a man killed when his lawnmower exploded. But the jury found in favor of Home Depot Inc., a Defendant in the case. The jury found that Ryobi, the maker of the lawnmower that exploded in December 2010, fatally burning Frank Wright while he was cleaning up his yard, was guilty of negligence, but not of breaching an implied warranty. Continue…

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IIHS List Of Safest Cars Grows Amid Record Recalls In The U.S.

As we know all too well the reports of massive numbers of recalls by the automakers dominated the news during 2014. That overshadowed some good news in the automobile industry. A report was released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) last month that contained some positive news. The insurance industry’s list of cars and trucks that do the best job of keeping owners alive in a crash jumped 82 percent last year. The number of vehicles ranked best for keeping occupants safe in a crash rose to 71 for 2015 models from 39 in 2013. Reportedly, that occurred even though the crash tests used to pick winners got harder. The IIHS report indicated that certain cars are now safer. Interestingly, Toyota Motor Corp. has the most models on the list. Adrian Lund, President of IIHS, had this to say in a recent interview: Continue…

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