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Mass Torts Update - May 5, 2015 12:58 - 0 Comments

An Update On The Philadelphia Pelvic Mesh Litigation

Judge Arnold New, who is in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, has ruled that the Plaintiffs in the pelvic mesh injury cases had sufficient connections to Philadelphia to properly give the state court jurisdiction. Defendants Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific had argued that the Plaintiffs’ claims were not sufficiently related to Pennsylvania. Specifically, Johnson & Johnson sought to have approximately 118 cases filed by non-Pennsylvania Plaintiffs transferred for lack of personal jurisdiction. Plaintiffs argued in response that the fact that Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific were registered and conduct substantial business in Philadelphia was sufficient to allow jurisdiction. Plaintiffs further claimed that the Defendant manufacturers voluntarily conduct regular business in Philadelphia, and thus, were subject to the jurisdiction of the court. The court agreed. Continue…

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Product Liability - May 5, 2015 14:44 - 0 Comments

Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer Fined More Than $600,000 For Violations

Forest River, Inc., one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles, commonly referred to as RVs, has been fined more than $600,000 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In October 2014, submitted a 10-page “Special Order Direct to Forest River, Inc.” According to the Order, charged that Forest River was in violation of federal law and in violation of the early warning report (EWR) requirements, in violation of its statutory duty “to notify owners, purchasers and dealers, and in violation of its duty to file quarterly reports after it is determined that there was a safety-related defect in vehicles it manufactured.” Continue…

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Fraud - May 5, 2015 12:50 - 0 Comments

Two Companies Settle Whistleblower Lawsuits For Nearly $50 Million

Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc. (HDL) and Singulex, Inc. have agreed to pay almost $50 million after whistleblower lawsuits derailed their practice of soliciting clients from physicians and conducting unnecessary tests. The whistleblowers alleged that HDL and Singulex cheated the Medicare and Medicaid programs by illegally inducing physicians to steer patients to HDL and Singulex for laboratory testing. It was alleged further that the two companies were fraudulently billing the government for laboratory testing services that were tainted by illegal kickbacks. Continue…

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