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Woman awarded $3.6 million in asbestos case

A jury in Florida has awarded a $3.6 million verdict to a woman suffering from a terminal disease caused by second-hand contact with asbestos. The 57-year-old woman, Lynda Daly, was diagnosed with mesothelioma last year. She contended that the disease was caused by the asbestos-filled brakes at a Wisconsin Ford dealership where she worked during the 1970s. She also may have ingested the asbestos because her husband, Michael, did brake-repair jobs at their home. However, Michael Daly has had no complications from asbestos despite being in direct contact with asbestos brakes.

The jurors concluded . was responsible for Mrs. Daly’s condition, which is being treated by chemotherapy. usually kills its victims within two years of its detection. The case is likely to be appealed. Juan Bauta, a from Coral Gables, Florida, represented the Daly family and did a very good job.

Source: Miami Herald

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