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Dollar General litigation

Our firm has filed a nationwide collective action on behalf of all store managers against Dollar General, Inc involving Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This suit alleges that Dollar General classified employees as “manager” (meaning the company does not have to pay overtime for the hours worked more than 40 hours per single work week), but did not arm these “managers “ with any real “manager duties.” Stated differently, Dollar General misclassified employees as “exempt” from overtime pay because they “titled” their “managers” when in fact they were still doing non-managerial employee duties. There are more than 3,500 Plaintiffs in the collective action. We are scheduled for trial in May 2012. This case is being handled primarily by Lance Gould (, Roman Shaul (, and Brad Smelser (, all lawyers in the Section.


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jane mcalexander
Sep 6, 2011 2:35

Is this the beard case that is going up in may 2012? I am one of the store managers that signed the paperwork for the class action lawsuit. thank you

Tawana Hawkins
Sep 29, 2011 17:28

I would like to join this lawsuit if it’s not too late. I was an assistant manager at Dollar General in Clearwater FL.
Please contact me.

Kevin M Luc
Nov 17, 2011 10:51

I would like to join ths class action. Please give me details on how to do this..

I worked for Dollar General from Dec 2009 to May 2011. The supervisor was relentless in her expectations- which were impossible to acheive. How can you run a register and do your managerial responsibilities and continually reset the store.

When shipments are received you are never given an invoice to check against the merchandise received. This being said how can you be resposible for the store audit? Which you are responsible for.

I was told that I would only be required to work 48 hours. What a joke. You can not complete daily tasks, managerial duties and give good customer service and keep the store staffed and “happy” within that 48 hours. Your store hours are constanly being reduced. Managers and employees suffer.

You are set up to fail from day one.

Please respond.

Kristopher Boher
Dec 15, 2011 14:21

I would like to join too. Thanks

Corey Martin
Dec 20, 2011 3:58

Hello, I would like to join this action also.

Dec 25, 2011 8:03

My roommate tells me Dollar General won’t advance him cause he does not have a car….. Is this allowed? Don’t mind leaving my email.. if you could help with this subject.

chris n. tinnel junior
Jan 6, 2012 18:25

I am a store manager for dollar general . I would like to join this lawsuit . I am currently in a dispute with alternative dispute department over wrongful termination . i have hard evidence of misconduct by dm . will elaborate further when i speak to you

Judy Richardson
Jan 9, 2012 22:00

I was a store manager for Dollar General from 2009 until 2010. I would like to get in this lawsuit. Please contact me at Thank you

Judy Richardson

Jan 22, 2012 23:44

I got hurt in 2008 and continued working for them. I was put on light duty by all the doctors they sent me to see and I was constantly blamed for not staying longer than I was supposed to. I was told that I would only have to work 40-45 hours under salary and I was there more than 55-75 hours a week. Please contact me. I was a manager from 2008-2011 when they fired me. Thanks.

Melisa Veith
Jan 24, 2012 3:01

I want to be a part of this lawsuit. I worked for this company for 9 years in which I have worked an extremely excessive amount of overtime,even for being a salaried manager.This doesn’t include the fact that they give you a title of store manager, but really you are a cashier and stock person! Please contact me!

Jan 29, 2012 12:30


Vicki Harrell
Mar 4, 2012 17:22

I have been with DG since 2006 and am currently still there. Please contact me. I would love to be a part of this. I had a heart attack last august and when it was requested by my doctor not to work more then 10 hours a day 50hours a week my DM had a fit and threatened to have me placed back on leave. Now it has become full out harrassment.

Mar 23, 2012 17:30

I am currently a key-holder at the DG store I work for granted I have not been with the company long I have been there long enough to see things that should not be going on. we have employees who do not do there work and get away with it. Employees who do not want to come in and work there shifts like scheduled. and yet keep there jobs. we have had employees screaming and cussing in front of customers and nothing was done about it. There are favorites played and i do not approve of this i think it is wrong. we have a manager and an assistant manager who work there tails off and are always there and never have time off to spend with their families. I would like to join this cause. please email me about it thank you.

John Little
Mar 30, 2012 17:36

I would like to become part of this lawsuit. I have worked for Dollar General for over eight years and I am being terminated because I cant get the job done when my hours have been cut by 40 hours per week.

please respond will discuss further in much detail.

John Little

nelda ortega
Mar 30, 2012 19:34

I was a store manager for dollar general since 3/1997 to 2/201?2 they r full of it I was a dedicated manager and used and abused for many yrs.I would be pulled out of my store to go hold other stores and not get paid for it and and when mgrs.were fired I’d run the stores till they would hire someone and now since a new Dm came aboard its been worse he’s pulled us out to inventoriesgo help at other stores without pay cuz to prepare for inventories and they would call it a training class helping at another store that is bull cuz regardless we worked at another store and not get paid please call me there issue a lot of info.that I have and documents also even emails where Dm is asking us to go to other store and Lunch is on him please call me I want to join in on the lawsuit my email is send email so I can give u my phone number thanks in advance. Nelda ortega

Tina Phillips
Apr 11, 2012 7:19

I also am a key-holder ( ASM) for Dollar General. I realize that your case revolves around salaried managers and overtime pay but I see a lot of other managers and employees posting about other issues with this company. If you refer to a website called Rip-Off Report, you will see even more issues with this company. I recently had to take medical leave with this company due to injuries. Risk Management said that I had to either take medical leave or be able to work at full capacity, that there is no light duty. That’s not true. It states in our employee handbook that if you have a doctor’s note you can be placed on light duty. Now, I am without a paycheck. I’m quite sure they will deny my workman’s comp. , they always do. This company does not provide enough hours to do the job that you are required to do. All of the back-breaking work falls upon management (especially assistants because SM’s make the schedule and usually make sure that they don’t touch the truck) This company uses you up until you are physically or mentally not able to perform and then casts you aside like so much trash. Injuries are inevitable because you have so much to do and so much freight to put out that the average person is bound to end up hurting themselves. I have seen it time and time again. This being said I know of a group of people that are looking for someone to take up their cause and make this company do right by their employees. If you cannot or will not do you know of attorneys that will:? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you and passing this information along.

Tina Phillips
Apr 11, 2012 10:40

Sorry, but I thought there is another issue with this company that you may be interested in and that is the hourly mangers being made to work off the clock. They tell you that you can’t work off the clock, yet you are there alone for sometimes 10 hours a day. If you try to take lunch you will be called to the register to do returns or to provide customer service in some manner. This is constant. There is no way to take your lunch and not be called for something. It’s ridiculous to try to clock in and out for every issue, so you just do it and interrupt your lunch or not getting any at all. I was written up for not taking my lunch. It was impossible to do so and I refused to continue to work off the clock. I told them to watch the cameras and they could see that I was at the registers or helping customers the entire time but they wouldn’t listen. I know this issue is with every hourly manager in this company and needs to be addressed. Please Help!!!

Brian G
Apr 13, 2012 8:35

This is been ongoing for 6 years . Hopefully the lawsuit will proceed as a class action.

diane bowman-mabry
Apr 14, 2012 9:56

hello lance, i`m one of many whom is awaiting trail with tha suit against dollar general, i was wondering if u could give me a call @ 903-452-2782, there are some questions that i need to ask, also i need to give you some updates, i know that its taken a long time,, we all been waiting over 5 years for them to settle,, i haven`t had an updated letter from yall sence last year and would like to know how things are going. my address is still po box 523 ore city, texas. if you could call me, i can give further information or maybe you can answer some of mt questions.. thnx and have a blessed day.

Paula Chavez
Apr 16, 2012 21:38

If it isn’t too late I would like to join this lawsuit also. I have been working injured since March 30th. This was an on the job injury. I was supposed to be on light duty, which was immpossible since most of the time I was in the store alone. As we were extremely short handed. The DM knew I was injured and that I had no help. I have had to close the store alone, which is against thier own policy and yet we were told that under no circumstances were we allowed to close the store early, that that was immediate termination. I have also, had to close two other stores sfter closing my own because they had no managers. I worked 91 Hours a week for months and was not duly compensated for my time, those other stores were not my resposiblity. Why should I have to do the work and not get paid for it?

Apr 21, 2012 21:37

I would aslo like to join in on on this.I was recently fired for reasons that are being gone over,there are several times that I put in 70 to 80 houts a week.

Steve Silmon
Apr 30, 2012 12:46

Just quit as Store Manager. Something needs to be done. People leave good jobs to be a “Store Manager” only to find out you are the lowest paid employee in the store by the hour. The Atlas scheduling program gives the store 233 hours to complete the store tasks. I was scheduled myself for 55 hr. and that left 178 hr. for my team. I was only budgeted 154 hours and I was expected to make up the 20+ hrs myself.

I came into the store in October 2011 from another job with only four days training and took the basket count from $6.50 to most weeks $8.00 and when I brought this to my Area manager’s attention I was told I “didn’t get it”.
My District Manager was holding me responsible for all of 2011. He was also not in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures Manual with the Open Door Policy. He was constantly working behind my back with a member of my team to dig up dirt on me.

In summary Dollar General expects the Store Manager to work 70 to 80 hours per week and does not promote working as a team.

Mark Lockhart
May 4, 2012 9:13


I am awaiting to hear back regarding our settlement. I was told our monies from the DG settlement would be disbursed in May 2012. I have not heard anything. Please contact me by email on what is happening with this please.

Mark Lockhart
Scranton, PA

Lauren Lamberth
May 7, 2012 18:14

Former store mgr for Dg I am interested in this lawsuit I want to join please contact me thank

Rachel Higdon
May 8, 2012 9:34

check this out….. they have me working as a “manager” but i get paid as a PART TIME sales associate. They always edit my payroll and take out a 30 min break everyday…. how am i supposed to take a half and hour break when I am the only “manager” on shift?????????????? talk about FRAUD! the manager basically said i was short, but i have paper proof… .who else has this problem.? its time to unite and win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Higdon
May 8, 2012 9:35 for any info or any help or suggestions anything……

Rachel Higdon
May 8, 2012 9:37

TINA PHILLIPS. I WAS READING YOUR POST…. its the same EXACT problem I AM HAVING. email me at we need to do something about this immediatly. and i already know corporate is going to be on their side !!!!!

Trudie Wenninger
May 12, 2012 16:17

I would like nto also join. I currently am a manager, have been for 5 years. I was just demoted to assistant manager in a different store because I was told that I failed at managing my store. I have worked the majority of 5 years at a pace of 60 hours per week. Just to make my store perfect. I have also worked some weeks of 80 hours. I get paid for 40 and do everything anyone elsedoes and much more.

James Mckamie
May 15, 2012 13:49

I would like to join,i am currently a Manager for Dollar General,I have been with the company for almost three years,I am currently working over 80 hours a week,Not only do i do everything from cashier to stock etc.My regional Manager talks to me like i am dirt under his feat,i have so much to tell about the way this company is ran,It is hard for me to even comprehend , I have never been treated so badly or dealt with such unprofessional People in my life;,I have always been a workaholic,I take pride in my work,i have given this company 120%,and i feel like there looking for anything they can to push me out the door, i just can not understand There Motive in doing people like this,I hope it isn’t to late please contact me at your earliest convenience.James Mckamie

May 18, 2012 21:52

I was a store manager left without help and made to work after two facial surgeries in two weeks for cancer,over 94 hours a week. In 6 weeks I’ve had 3 days off. I had to fight for two mileage checks owed to me for a year. Was told I had to take a leave right before my inventory, which meant I would not receive the bonus. I refused the leave went to work. I was told 3 difhferent amounts for my inventory bonus. From full bonus to no bonus to a little more than half. This Tuesday I got a raise, Wednesday managers meeting, Thursday fired. I spoke my mind in a confidential meeting. My DM told everyone on a conference call the $ amount of my bonuses. Please contact me.

May 20, 2012 0:00

I would also like to get in on this. I was recently terminated for store standards, ie; facing and recovery. Apparently not model store standards. I was with the company for 8 years. After going over my DM’s head for not helping me I was put on a PIP and termed for facing and recovery. I was always told if you can’t get them on on something else, you can always get them on facing and recovery. I worked 70+ hours a week and was paid for 40. Was classified as salaried exempt but did more stocking and ringing customers than any kind of managing. Never received an invoice for my truck. it was drilled into our heads that 70% of theft is internal. the warehouse being an internal entity of Dollar General yet we get no invoice to verify product being delivered. Boxes were miss labeled and when comparing with other stores the piece count the number of rolltainers and totes didn’t match up…….Major issues with this company and needs to be addressed!!!! I could go on and on! please contact me!!!

Jun 1, 2012 11:47

Please contact me ,I am a store manager and I would like to join this law suit and my employees would also like to.

Sandra Mitchell
Jun 1, 2012 20:42

I am a former Store Manager. I would like to know if this lawsuit has been settled yet. I did not get in on this one but I have friends still working for DG but they are afraid they will be terminated if they try to find out anything. I have just signed to join a new lawsuit against them for Gender pay discrimination. This is the WORST company in the US to work for. I worked for them for 6 yrs . All employees are treated as owned slaves. This company should be put out of business for the way they treat their employees and for all the labor laws they violate. I could tell you plenty

Marga Pilcher
Jun 2, 2012 16:46

I would also like to join this lawsuit. I was a store manager and my supervisor came in oe day and said you are fired. I had never been written up. But was told I had to work these very long hours to get things done. I had to open the store by myself everyday and work by myself till at least 10:00 am. And after someone else came still go up to the register and do returns, voids, because the regular employees could not do that stuff. So I had no time to get anything else done unless I worked 60 to 80 hours a week. When I was let go the supervisor had another gentleman standing with him that I did not know. Later that day I found out it was the new manager. This company news to be looked into for many labor laws they violate. Please contact me at

Russell Sears
Jun 3, 2012 0:04

I was a manager for Dollar General for two years, managing two stores at once in Minnesota in 2007 and one store in Nebraska from March 2008 to July of 2009. For the hours I worked, and the salary I was paid, my wife figured I was making about $5 an hour. I feel I deserve compensation. That isn’t even minimum wage! I would like to join a lawsuit against them. The demands they made on me were unreal.

Jun 6, 2012 9:51

I received a packet in the mail yesterday reguarding this case. I recall receiving a letter that I signed reguarding Dollar General over a year ago. Is this the same case????

Jun 8, 2012 23:19

I would like to join the law suite two/ I am a store and was told that i would work 45-48 hours a week. Ya right more like 65 to 75 per week with one day off. I hurt my back at home went to the doctor he put me on lite duty. With the way we schedule no one else would be in the store so I had no choise to e do the work. i ruptured two dic in my back. An soon as told them the forced me on leave so the would not have to pay me. Well i believe if they make work up 70 hours a week they should have to pay you when your off.
Plese contact me

Sherri Napier
Jun 10, 2012 9:48

Well i read some of the letters the other stores had sent you. I undrestand everythng they are telling you. I work at dollar general in N.C. and ive never seen the bullshit like this . Ive done retail for 9yrs and never seen a company so stupid about how to do a store like they do. The mangers never get a break on time the cashiers never get a raise for there hard work, and when the truck gets there the what you to get rollcanter done in a hr, which is bullshit. They what you to kill yourself and never get a raise for it . Ive seen how they treat all the people there and it is just wrong. Ive left twice and came back for the third time,it is hard to find a job out here and it is sad that is all you can go for. The DG for our store is a jerk never comes out when he needs to. So if you need me for anything i would like to help if i could , people should not be treat like robots but like people. You should love to do your job for fun and go home in a good mood not bitching about your job to your husband or wife. Jobs are hard to come by so everybody should love the job they got and be happy with it. So if you need my help just email me. Thank you Sherri Napier June – 10-2012

tracy peniston
Jun 13, 2012 20:13

i would like to get in the law suit with dollar general i worked there for 5 years started as a cashier made assisitant manager less then a year 3 years later still assi manager doing manager duties going to different stores as a manager but not getting paid as a manager was terminated because all the hours and time i was putting in i was complaining to much i guess please contact me for more information

Jun 13, 2012 21:37

The eligibility for this lawsuit was for those employed during a specific time period. My husband left Dollar General in 2006, I believe the suit was filed in 2009. If you qualified, you would have been contacted. Sorry.

Deanna Harbaugh Barlow
Jun 14, 2012 13:54

I was a store manager for Dollar General from 1/2010 – 12/13/2011. I would like to join this lawsuit. I was terminated the day I returned from FMLA leave. I was on leave for exhaustion from working 60 – 70 hours per week.

Jane W Reed
Jun 19, 2012 9:22

If it’s not too late I would like to join this law suit as I worked 75 – 107 hours a week as Dollar General store manager and did not know about this suit til today, I worked at DG in Fort Myers Fla and I am in the time frame required. Please contact me asap Blessings to you

Jun 21, 2012 20:40

I have read all of the above comments and it is nice to know that I am not alone! We have lost 4 managers in the last month alone due to all of the above reasons and 2 managers in the last few months for medical reasons. I even worked with one manager who’s doctor told her this job would kill her and she needs to look into other employment. Another manager who was pregnant was told by my district and regional that she would fail no matter what she does resulting in her going home in tears . If there is any way to get more information or any way for me to pass along something that several of us managers can do in this situation PLEASE let me know! I have so much more to tell! I have never experienced such horrible conditions. Some people ask me why can’t I just quit, it’s not that easy to find another job right now. I just thought with all of my hard work it would eventually get noticed but recently with what I’ve seen here locally and now what I am reading it clearly will never get noticed and instead we will all be misused like slaves! I worked at walmart for a long time and after working Dollar General I really wonder why wal-mart is even attacked as much as they are!

Jun 21, 2012 20:42

With one more thing to add as well, I have had several vendors even telling me they have never seen such abuse in any other companies they visit on a weekly basis!

Cynthia Clabough
Jun 22, 2012 21:35

Wow, you guys said it all!!!! I would like to join—-!!!

Megan Scott
Jun 23, 2012 10:15

I was hired in with Dollar General as an ASM in Oct. 2011, my store manager went on FMLA leave in Jan. 2012 and I ran the store from that day until March 2012 on ASM part time pay. I was then promoted to another nearby store as a Store Manager because the previous one walked out due to unfair wages and working 80+ hours a week. I was praised at first for the great job I was doing and for the difference that I had made in the store, until I told my district manager that I was expecting my first child and wished to step down to ASM because I am a high risk pregnancy. The open door policy was shut from there on out, my questions and phone calls were ignored and no matter what I did I wasn’t good enough and the threats began of losing my job.I said before I am a high risk pregnancy and I was also told like many of you that light duty would not be honored and I would have to work just like everyone else or I could be terminated. I stepped down a month ago and was denied the right to step down for nearly three weeks because my DM assured me that my Regional manager was coming and she wanted to insure that I would get the butt chewing that I deserved. They have been looking for a reason to get rid of me and on thursday my ASM flew off the handle and began an altercation with me by yelling and throwing a fit on the sales floor, granted I did raise my voice back and should not have and things were said by both of us that were wrong. She walked out of the building clocked in on a scheduled shift which is grounds for termination and out of nowhere my DM just SHOWS up? Bottom line I was suspended peding and HR investigation and asked to leave.She assured me that she was going to have the same coversation with the ASM and would contact me with the decision from HR. I went to a nearby business and watched as the ASM vacated the building with my DM in quite a joyious manner , they shook hands and the ASM skipped back into the building and worked her shift! I was suspended and she is still working and my DM is refusing to contact me with information regarding this. This company is hateful, they discriminate based off of everything, I know it is too late to join this suit but I am partnering with my attorney and I will take action against this DM and this company for what I am assuming will be wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment. Good luck with this suit and I feel what each and everyone of you are going through! Fight till you win!

Jun 25, 2012 6:28

I was a manager in lafayette louisiana , I would like to join the case . I recieved mail on this , but not sure what I need to do . Please contact me .

Christina White
Jun 27, 2012 19:11

I would like to join this lawsuit.

Christina White
Jun 27, 2012 19:17

I was a store manager from 2010 to 2011 and ended up having my son 5 weeks prematurely do to having to work over 16 hours a day on my feet during a remodel at my store. The DM and person in charge of the remodel were aware that I had a high risk pregnancy, yet they pushed me until I ended up in the hospital. Please contact me as I lost my letter and I am unsure how to proceed. thank you.

Barbara Le Clair
Jul 2, 2012 18:27

Please, contact me regarding this issue! I was a store manager from 02/10 through 06/11. I worked between 70 to 80 hours a week for Dollar General. While working alone ( for 6 weeks open to close with no help) I fell at work.. I am in pain every day! Please contact me.

Thank you!

angela snyder
Jul 5, 2012 19:16

I was a management at DG and I would like some info on this as well

Jul 9, 2012 14:41

I was also a store manager from November 2003 until October 2011, until I just couldn’t take it anymore and gave my 2-week notice, which turned into a 3-week notice if I wanted my vacation time paid for. I would also like any information on this lawsuit and if it is still possible to get added to this action. Thank you!!!!

Jul 9, 2012 19:23

I would like to know if anyone has experienced any racial comments from store managers or key holders.and how did u handle it.

Jul 12, 2012 10:55

I also worked as a manager for dollar general. I worked several hours and never was paid. If it possible I would like to get more info. and if possible I’d like to be added to this action as well…

Ruth Phillips
Jul 13, 2012 10:26

I am glad something is finally being done….Would like to join if not too late.

becky sloan
Jul 16, 2012 19:54

i am one one the manager that worked for dg becky sloan and was just wondering what going on you call call me at 254=813=6961

Julie Boswell
Jul 18, 2012 17:48

I just want to know when am I going to get paid? When will all this be finished? Yeap, I just trying to keep it real.

Joy Dean
Jul 24, 2012 11:25

I just wanted to say I know where all of you are coming from, I had worked for DG for almost 10 years and just have been terminated by a new DM. The DM we had before was great and I helped him out alot, but this one is awful, you try to call her or email her and never get a response. I have also been on the other side as a Temp DM after coming back to my location after 11 months and the store was a mess I was expected to get it back in order well I did with very long hours.

Jul 24, 2012 15:19

I worked as a manager for Dollar General for a year and put in more hours than the 48 hours I was told I would be working. I feel that I spent more time doing “non-managerial” and being out on the floor and cashiering than performing managerial work. I often had to take the scheduling and other tasks home with me because hours were cut and I did not have enough time during the day to do everything. i would like to know if the lawsuit has been settled or if I can still join. Dollar General set expectations for a store and its managers that are often unrealistic. The DM was always raising the bar on expectations.

Jul 26, 2012 23:11

i was a store manager from 2009 to 2011, i walked out on them, cause like most of all of you, i was working 70 to 80 hours a week and getting paid for 48 hours. at one point i had no key holders, and i worked two weeks stright with no help open to close, and my dm , told me it was my problem , and he had no help to send me. then mar of last year i was robbed at gun point.not pointing a gun at me, he was holding it to the temple of my head,threating to blow my head off. two days after this my dm told me (okay you was robbed now time to get over it and run your store. cause i refused to work nights for a week. and about two months later my safe broke. i did my job and contacted the dm, took me 4 weeks to get a safe, and bad part is he had a brand new one sitting in the recieving room for months,in one of his other stores. i was actuallt hiding money in my office. what ever happened to protecting company assets, who broke policy there, finally got my safe, then it took another 4 weeks before i heard from maintance that it was going to be at least another two weeks before they could send me someone out to install the safe.and i would call them every day.when i left the safe still was sitting in my receiving room, after i left they was hiding money in the microwave, cause dm didnt do their job and guess what over 10,000 dollars was stolen and dm never once got in trouble for not doing their job….. for two years all i heard from dm is your going to be held accountable for stupid crap, well my question was who was going to be held accountable for putting 9 lives in danger,i wasnt going to be any longer , i walked out, which now im in non rehire status, which is a bunch of shit,but i couldnt take it any longer, cause if corp would do their job and fix safes and fix the air and pay their employees right and give the managers hours to work with, but no instead i was manager and i spent more time on the register then any where, then i get yelled at cause something wasnt done. but i had no hours to give people so dm would say your the manager, deal with it. my mom was in hospital with heart failure, and i was actually pulling a double and going to sleep in a chair at the hospital then back to work next morning, and all i got was make sure your truck is up. geeezz a messed up company.. i lived in my store, and i was very proud of it , my inventories was always under 0.069 never higher, always a model store. sales up over 22% everyday.. and their to blame for good managers walking out. i use to tell my dm, we was managers not dogs. cause thats what we was treated like. i feel sorry for anyone who works for this company, cause i learned they dont care if you drop dead in the floor from work, as long as they make their bonuses…. so i would love to join this one and any other one that comes along. just like my rm and dm made us fill out the thank you papers to hang on the communication wall, i asked my regional where was the managers thank you post from the dm. and i think dm should have to work in his or her store at least a week, while we took our vacation. to see the hell we went though. i contacted my old dm to ask if he could put me back in rehire, simply for other jobs, and he said no i digraced the company and put them in a bind, well i guess the assholes found out how i felt when i had to pull all the doubles and work 80 hours, the sad part my regional came to my store one day , and my asst, didnt show up, so he fired her, and i said i will work the double and he said ummm no you wont, we dont allow our managers to do that , i just stood in awwwww and stared at my district manager. so actually i think alot of the hours and stuff comes from the dm’s, cause he was kissing my ass at the time so i wouldnt say , i do it all the time… needless to say the regional got my key holder on the phone told her to come in or else, and he sent me home and said dont let me catch you in this store tonight…but i was told i had to work them all the other times from my dm. so much more to tell but i think ya get the ideal of this company, if i can get involved email me. thanks for reading. ill post my email and pray someone from dollar general contacts me.. lolll

Patty Hiltibidal
Jul 27, 2012 7:01

Please add me to the list!

becky sloan
Jul 27, 2012 9:05

trying to get a update on the lawsuite against dg

Jessica Howell
Jul 29, 2012 23:35

I would also like to join the lawsuite if it’s not to late i was wrongfully terminated. an every thing i have read is so true. this company takes advantage of all their employees. how do they get away with it the dm is the worst employees the company has but never do wrong or corprate thinks unfair company.please stop them.

Aug 2, 2012 9:13

I agree with Melissa Patterson. I was a store manager myself and everything she has said is VERY true.

Shenise Broady
Aug 2, 2012 21:01

I would like would to join also if it is not to late. I was terminated tonight with 3 writes up all with the same date today. This company fired the manager and I was the assistant manager at the time. I performed all acting manager duties, working long hours and not getting paid. I have a home and family and now no job. I have seen discrimination at its fullest. They do not know the mental anguish that they instill on someone. Please someone STOP them. They want respect from employees but mistreat you and smile in your face and hand you your walking papers. Something needs to be done let. Let me know how to join.

sarah cattle
Aug 7, 2012 12:13

Isn’t it a shame that this company is still in bussiness. I was a manager from 2005 to 2011. I was hurt twice and my dm tried his best to fire me. These people are so bad. I went from store to store for them for 3 years and still took care of my store. I was interment FMLA when my husband was in the hospital. My Dm called me on Fri morning and told me if I didn’t get my last hour in that I would not be paid. So never the least, I went in to make one hour. I was at the store only 25 minutes when the hospital called and said my husband had just passed away. I buried him on Wed. and my dm told me I had to come back to work on Sat. I did. When I went in upset and crying, These are the words he said to me ” You need to get over him and do your work, he is already dead and buried. How bad can one be. I hope this law suit isn’t finished, I would love to join it. Anybody have something to say, be happy to email me.

christine wells steele
Aug 10, 2012 12:49

9 years gone working for dg
never been wrote up at one time was 55 in performance out of 10000 stores
fired for shop lifter stop policy so much for protecting the store inventory but as we all no its dollar emplyoees vender and truck driver who do all the steeling
dm come and go and get more bonus from are stores and dont spend 12 hour a year and stiil get bonus and of course they get there hour free lunch and there milage
who ever said dollar general makes walmart look good i have to say that is very true
the only thing good about dollar general is the people that have to shop there only for convience and to save because they cant afford gas prices to go into town
dollar general moto should be u give it all and we will take it all
cause thats what they do
weekly paycheck says 40 but as we all no worked 55 or more with no lunch and the 3am police calls because ballons setting off alarms the stress the backpains dollar general can never repay us for how they took and used use i hope they get a big hurtin pain from this and all the big big wigs have to go manage a store and work all the holidays and dont get to spend anytime with their families i would love that do you all think they can do i rolltainer per hr and dont forget 10 totes per hr too

Michela Clark
Aug 10, 2012 18:15

I worked for Dollar General for almost 7 years. I left on my own after giving a 3 week notice. I worked till the very last day. I have to say that I personally never had a problem with my District Manager. Unlike the other ones I have read about my DM was very much compassionate and cared that we were people with families outside this companies hell hole. Now the company…thats a whole different story…and our regional…OMG!!! he was a freakin inconsiderate little man. My DM had a heart attack and and that idiot was harrassing her about when she was gonna return. this company didnt deserve her. and for myself they didnt deserve me or any other hard working..honest person…such as a very good friend that i have that gave 9 years to this pathetic company and they fired her for confronting someone about theft. NOW…i think we all know they pound that shrink information into our heads daily…of course they believe that 70% of the employees do the stealing. Now I understand that alot of people are terminated for theft but it is very offensive to those of us that would never steal to hear it every single week. my friend got every awars this company had and ran her store and had some of the best shrink results in the company. she never had progressive counceling…heck she never even had a district manager that visited her store cause she was to far away…and then to get fired…WOW!!! Just one more reason why i left and went back to work for a much better company….i still stand in saying that after they forced Kathleen into retirement you have a bunch of men standing around comparing to see who has the largest penis forgetting about the little people that pay their paychecks!!!

Michela Clark
Aug 12, 2012 7:03

And the deciding factor for me to leave this company was I was robbed at knife point and my DM was on vaxation and called me from another country to be sure that team and my customers were ok..but that pathetic regional Frank or no one else could take 2 minutes to make that phone call. I refuse to work for a company that has no regard for their people…the only thing that dollar general cares about is the all mighty bottom dollar and lining those corporate ties pockets!!!

Lauren Lamberth
Aug 14, 2012 16:14

Former Dg store mgr would love to join this lawsuit

Aug 18, 2012 18:34


Hmmm … I never thought about Kathleen being forced out — but now that you mention it — it sort of makes sense. After I moved and transfer — I was in different world — it felt like I worked for a different company….my first DM was human.

Beth Hassin
Aug 19, 2012 3:18

I had worked my way up from sales clerk with Dollar General and felt more than ready to tackle the Manager job. I had been working intermittantly as a keyholder doing the manager’s job at two different locations and the promotion to manager seemed logical at the time. The real joke came with first paycheck. I had earned (net) $800-1000 per week as an hourly assistant manager working 60-80 hrs a week. As a manager I cleared only $545 per week and frequently worked 90-100 hours. The DM who promoted me quit 3 weeks later. He made promises of relief and understanding of the lack of employees who were qualified keyholders. Two DM’s later and I had a miserable situation going on. It was my fault that I didn’t hire better help and I had to work and keep the store open no matter what. Absolutely no relief – I was ridiculed and degraded if I asked. I asked to step down from the position and asked them to find a replacement for me prior to taking the manager’s course. I was reassured that the manager’s course would give me the training necessary to conquer the store’s problems. Within two months after that I was begging for a replacement. I could not be a mother to a teenage daughter and a manager to the store. Christmas Eve before leaving the store I gave 4-6 weeks notice of my intent to step down to a hourly position. This gave ample time for them to hire and train a replacement. Mid February I finally walked out. The DM had scheduled back to back a major re-layout of the store and inventory. The new manager had worked with me for two weeks and I should have been ready to let go. The DM claimed that the home office would not let her take the position until she had completed formal manager training. In truth, the DM wanted the young lady on the re-set team for all the stores and felt that I sould go along with her plan. I was told that I was nnot eligible for re-hire into any position with the company because I had walked out without notice – even though the original notice had more than expired.

becky sloan
Aug 19, 2012 7:20

trying to get a update on the law suite i just move back to sherman tx my phone number is still 254=813-6961

Sherri L Jeffers
Aug 29, 2012 11:37

I agree with Kevin M Luc………I was a manager with Dollar General from April 2010 to May 2012 in Shelburn Indiana, I tried to bring a lawsuit against Dollar General with a lawyer in Terre Haute Indiana and he would not take the case he said I just had a bad experience. I would very much like to join this lawsuit

Sherri L Jeffers

Aug 29, 2012 12:49

All of the comments are a fact. I also gave up as a store manager with this company last month for all of the reasons stated above. Now with that being said in my case I was aware of a 45-48 hour work week and will say that it did turn into 60+. Dollar Generals biggest problem is that they have lack of communication between stores and corporate the DM, and RM are just robots taking orders from their bosses. I feel that most DMs have never ran a retail location which should be a requirement to see the day to day operation. They need to lead by example not intimadation which most of them do. Not only the long work weeks but I have never worked for a company that did not pay managers for holidays ( oh sorry christmas day closed). I am glad to see that most comments are in line and they should see they have a real problem in the way they treat employees.

Sherri L Jeffers
Aug 29, 2012 12:54

Started out with Dollar General part-time 10 hours a week, 2 weeks later promoted to Assistant worked 50-60 hours (going from store to store to help out) pretty good money. Then I was asked if I would be interested in being promoted and opening a brand new store ? Yes great I really liked the company and the DM (even though I would here my current manager complain about working alot of hours and not getting paid for it.) I opened the new store without knowing what my pay would be my DM told me they did not know what to pay me because they didn’t know what kind of sales the store was going to do. ( would they not have a pay scale if they hired someone off the street ?) So I worked 80+ hours for 1 month until I finally got my status changed and found out what my pay was ( bottom of the scale) plus the stores bank was 6 miles away one way–this was money out of my pocket plus wear and tare on my personal vehichle. My first Inventory 6 months later and it was the best the company had ever seen ( I was accused of padding inventory) 2 weeks after inventory I realized I did not get my complete truck delivery so I contacted my DM, the store delivered before me and the store delivering after me to let them know to be on the look out for some of the stores merchandise, I received a phone call from the store after me and she told me that she had 5 rolltainers that were marked for my store, I then called my DM and he made contact with the store and the other DM well after continuous emails and phone calls 1 year later when my inventory rolled around again I was told that it was a good thing that those 5 rolltainers did not get fixed because my inventory was so good that that merchandise would have caused an audit—I AM NOT AFFRAID OF AN AUDIT I DID NOTHING WRONG. I think the company would rather write off the loss of inventory than pay their employees a bonus or pay raise. After this mess there were several stores added and remodeled in the district that I fell off to another district, Working 1 month 50+ hours under budget because i had lost some employees due to knew management, emails and phone call after phone call the knew DM would not return my call and old DM said he would not get in the middle, she finally said that it was not her place to staff my store. One day I sent her an email asking her for help with staffing and after no response the next day there was an email the store computer stating that the RD needed help in Indy due to a Corp. visit and also she was going to be at one of her stores if any one wanted to come help her for the week……not one thing mentioned in email or conference call about helping my store.
When she finally came in to the store to do a walk through the store looked rough due to under staffing (I was working 80+ hours but I was on register and putting away truck ) so she made me change 6 pages things some that had been set in stone from the first day of opening and approved by the previous DM and the RD she told me the RD was not my boss make the changes or get written up for insubordination ( even though these changes would result in theft and less sales there was no changing or convincing her ) My truck day was on Wednesday which mean’t that Thursday T-1 was Mandatory (Also a scheduled visit from RD) also Friday T-2 was Mandatory if truck wasn’t done Saturday T-3 send payroll usually some sort of promotion was going on $5 coupon so the store was busy and not enough payroll hours or staff to cover shift. Sunday T-4 Mandatory for onhands (approved day off from previous DM and RD) but, not this boss then an email was sent out that Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday were Mandatory open to close days for the manager to prepare their store for the visit this also included 6 am shifts for super Tuesday and conference calls so 6am -10:30pm plus Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday did not leave a day off and put me well over my 48 hours. This DM never would answer an email or phone she said if I didn’ t bother her she would not bother me but, she did bother me she was in my store every week belittling me in front of my staff.
Regional Meetings I was awarded several awards for doing my job well, Inventory was great (considering the circumstances) and my sales were up 27% and most vendors were up 40%. I was very good at my job……Really enjoyed the customers who would come into the store and show concern for the employee because they were in the store by themselves hauling product in and out for the sidewalk sale (For the merchandise to be stolen or the pop to blow up and get faded and flat from the sun) Coporate doesn’t care that this is a huge waste of payroll also that the employee could get hurt if one of those u-boats of soda turned over going up and down the ramp or that the store could be robbed. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES A DAY I HEARD THE QUESTION ARE YOU BY YOUR SELF TODAY AGAIN ( THIS COULD LEAD TO SOMEONE STALKING AND STAKING OUT THE STORE ) BUT, WE HAVE SAID IT BEFORE CORPORATE DOESN’S CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES…AS LONG AS THE STORE IS OPEN AND CLOSED ON TIME. The worst part of the job was having to answer to a key holder that had just been promoted waiting on their promotion status and pay , I know for a fact it took one employee 6 months to receive her pay increase meanwhile doing all the things that every other key holder was doing, putting her life on the line opening and closing the store and counting the money and going 12 miles to the bank for minimum wage. Also I did not agree with the way they handled individual violations, 2 people could do the same thing and be treated differently or 1 person tell you it is ok and someone else fire you for it. You are responsible for yourself no matter what your boss tells you to do. Also corp or the DM would pull out of the store for a meeting and not replace your hours at the store this also would put you behind and over your 48 hours………………………PLEASE HELP…………I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BE ADDED TO THIS LAWSUIT ……..SHERRI JEFFERS 812-229-6800 /

Aug 29, 2012 13:00

I recently quit dg do to the stress that ended me up in the e.r. with blood pressure very high i thought i was having a heartattack..i was also put on antidepressants 2 years ago because of the stress i worked there from jan 2004 to june 15 2012 the things that company pulls is uncalled for.i worked alone monday threw friday alone till noon or longer my family watched me turn into someone that was brainwashed into thinking i had to work 59 -80 hours a week to make there rediculious payroll.i gave that company everything i traveled to other stores to clean them up before kathleen n corprate people would show up there were times i would work my store from 7 – 3then be begged to go to another store to clean it up there were times i got home at 11pm then id be back on the road to chicago a 2hr drive from my house to do it all over again the next day dg consumed me and my life i missed alot of holidays and family time because of dg please add me to
your lawsuit thank you april

Sep 6, 2012 8:10

I would so love to talk to some of you. I was a manager until this year. If interested in talking email me at


Sep 6, 2012 18:52

I am no longer with DG as I was wrongfully terminated when they found out I had to have knee replacement surgery. I have information including documents that would help this lawsuit. I would like to join this lawsuit!

Sep 13, 2012 17:46

Someone in Chicago please contact me asap!!! Please I need help

Sep 13, 2012 19:14

Why can’t we get an update on this lawsuit? Has anyone been able to contact any of these attorneys?

Sep 22, 2012 9:37

I would like to talk to some of you on here as well .

Kathy Keeney
Sep 28, 2012 8:06

I was hired as a lead cashier/3rd key in February 2012. I did all the work of the Assistant manager and a good bit of the store manager as she missed a lot of work because she was sick. State law only required us to take a 30 minute meal if we worked more than 6 hours. I was forced to take a 30 minute meal at 5 hours and a 1 hour meal if I worked more than 7. The handbook stated 30 minute meal unless your state law was different. I questioned this all the time because this kept us from getting all the plan-o-gram changes and truck stocking done. Then in July I made a deposit at the end of night, sealed it and put it in the safe like I was trained to do. The money balanced to the penny. I was off the next 2 days and no one took it to the bank. When It was taken to the bank it was missing $100. Even though the deposit slips have a place for 2 signatures, we did not have man power for double coverage so banking was never double counted. I was informed that “asset protection reviewed the tapes and knows you did not take the money but you are terminated because your signature is on the slip” My bet is that whoever took it to the bank took it. Those plastic bags can be opened and resealed.

Oct 1, 2012 14:15

I would also like to be in on this lawsuit, if this one is done, can or will there be another? I was SM for almost 2 yrs, I left due to working over 60 hours per week, sometimes 80+ and was told by my DM that it didn’t matter if I had to work 100 hrs per week, meaning I was doing all of the tasks that I was supposed to do and also cashiering, cleaning and so forth. This company uses people up and spits them out!

Someone please contact me on this or give me the information to be included! Thank you!

Kathy Snyder
Oct 1, 2012 19:13

Sold our home back in May and moved into a new location in Chattanooga , TN , have nit heard from you or anything regarding the settlement with Dollar General , can you give me an update?
Thanks , Kathy Snyder….

Oct 4, 2012 22:17

I started at dollar general 2008 as a part time associate. 08/10 I was promoted to 3rd key and in 2/11 I was promoted to ASM. Right after that our SM decided to leave and I had to help alot to get the mgr duties done. We got a new store mgr soon enough, someone who worked at the store before but now had the training. She’s a pretty good mgr overall but when I was asked if I would be interest in being a store mgr, and going for training. I said no because I see what a mgr has to go thru and the hours they have to work. I was not interested. Next thing I know, Im being treated like crap. Nothing I did was good enough for fast enough. Thew SM hired a new 3rd key and she was giving alot of flak and running to the SM to say that she had to help me all the time with the duties I have been doing for a couple years. They were back stabbing me, saying alot of things behind my back that wasnt true even to customers. I feel that I was totally set up to fail. I had gotten my 4 yr raise and that put me over $9.00 per hr. Well, we cant have that!!! Anyway, I stepped down to 3rd key and the newly hired 3rd key is assistant store manager. Shes ok but not that good. Im happier now with less stress but I feel like I was totally railroaded by the company. I think this company is so cheap when it comes to thier employees. It is the store managers that work so hard to make these stores model and put big bucks into the hands of the rich at the top. Its sickening! I like my job and DG and enjoy our customers but I really wish DG was an honest, caring company that I would be really proud to work for.

Oct 7, 2012 18:44

can you please give me any up date on the case. thank you

Emily C
Oct 9, 2012 23:05

I too would like to join the lawsuit and many other managers too. Harassment by dm men were allowed to work their hours women pushing 60 + . Consanting belittling from dm who refused to transfer me to a store closer to my house. Blood pressure medicine increased due to work related stress. Please contact me

Oct 18, 2012 16:11

was a store manager during that time was wanting check status
thank you

Oct 20, 2012 8:45


Nov 10, 2012 14:08

dollar general will work you to death with no hours for the employee the store manager work 60-70 hours per week

Angel Weers
Nov 16, 2012 13:40

What happened with this? I received the paperwork about it, but no updates…. As a previous DG Manager, I am very curious as to what happened..

Susan Boucher Patrick
Nov 20, 2012 6:10

I was a store manager for a number of years and have seen many of the things mentioned in this thread. I was terminated for coupon use almost a year ago. I am a part of the womak vs. DG also. How do I find out the status of the case? If anyone wants to email me, I’d appreciate it! DG really does do most of the things that have been mentioned. I would love to be involved in any of the cases.

Dawn Emmart
Nov 28, 2012 14:28

Sent one of the lawyers and email, hopefully I will hear something… nothing like dragging it out for all of us, but then again that’s DG for ya..

Dec 6, 2012 20:53

not sure if this lawsuit is still pending. I started my journey with DG as a third key. I helped set up the store and was there from day one giving this company everything I had. When the assistant mngr quit I was instantly promoted in her place.. , and I loved my job and my manager. When my manager had finally had enough and transferred I took over as store manager. I was very happy at first, my Dm was very pleased with all the work I was doing. I was told when I was interviewed for the SM position that I was required to schedule myself at least 48 hours. i realized later my pay was not based on a 48 hour work week but a 40 hour work week. I made 10.00 hr as asst. mngr now I was working at least 60 hrs a week killing myself to get the truck out on time and deal with vendors and run register and do daily tasks and do the projects listed on the start program and do inventory adjustments and do weekly stock counts and take deposits and keep up with all the paperwork in the office and the boards. needless to say it started to fall apart especially during the reset time for the store. I had no asst. mngr for the entire time I was there as I had no one promotable. I was loosing a lot of weight and did not feel healthy anymore. I put in my notice and worked till the end of my shift on my last day. If I had had more training and way more hours I could have kept up with the pace of my job but it wore me down and stressed me out so much that I was throwing up or having upset stomach everyday before my shift. I did not have time to take a true lunch, instead was eating while on conference calls or while doing paperwork. I just recently went back to work but still feel very shell shocked. needless to say although I could very easily get another management position as I left the company in good standing I have chosen a part time cashiering position. I still feel very anxious whenever I talk about DG and working there and now I feel anxious before going to my new job. I would strongly consider being in any suit if I was needed. Thank you

Judy Borovsky
Dec 8, 2012 9:21

I also was a manager,WAS I never seen a 48 hour week. Even on vacation I rec phone calls,,

Dec 11, 2012 13:59

I started with dollar general in 1999 as part time, went on to 3rd key ,ASM to SM .And went around to help clean up stores and still ran my store. And when a store didn’t have a manager I was ask to cover that store
until they get a manager in there and I ran both stores with out anyone getting overtime and then they had me training new store manager trying to train then on how to run their store while I’m running my store with no extra payroll I still had the day to day store duty to do and when they go to their store I have to spend two day with them in there store working up to 80 hours a week I lost vacation time due to trying to keep up with everything that had to be done I was told you use it or you lost it. even when they ask us to cut payroll we do. As SM you have so much on your plate with the payroll we have to use to run the store so in order to try to keep up, the SM put in the hours to get the extra done we do everything we can to do our job until we are run down. I been with this company for 13 years and they don’t give enough payroll to run a store the way it should or for a manager not to work over 48 hours

Brends Hays
Dec 17, 2012 18:23

please let me know how to join this law suit, i am currently a manger and i desperatly need for things to change at my work place, the conditions i work in are not fit for anyone, i am literally working myself to death and i dont have a choice, i have to have a job with insurance and this is the only one around right now, i need help and i need my voice to be heard.

Dec 28, 2012 17:53

I too would like to know what is going on. I join this lawsuit in 2009. Just asking

vickie thacker nelson
Jan 2, 2013 22:31

i worked for dollar general from sep 2009 to july 2011 and was terminated without any write ups at all terrible dm who is now deceased i worked for them in 3 different states and all of them with the same problems not to mention the ungodly hours and impossible store duties on a daily basis my health went down hill and i almost killed myself please feel free to contact me

hecky sloan
Jan 3, 2013 14:15

Just wondering about a update on the lawsuite
Becky sloan

Judith Jones formerly Judith Haley
Jan 3, 2013 16:47

I wonder if this is even legitimate?! I have never been contacted. I am a former manager 3/2010-7/2010.

Judith Jones formerly Judith Haley
Jan 3, 2013 16:49

I have been contacted by the other law firm with the suit regarding female managers. Even though my name and address have changed!

Jerri Willis
Jan 15, 2013 23:18

My name is Jerri Willis and I would like to join other managers in this law suit. All that other managers have said is very true. Hours were 60 plus per week and your store payroll was cut often so the managers had to work the store hours alot of times working alone until 12 noon. They added more and more changes weekly . I was a manager for almost 2 years and the stress , long hours almost ruined my family and marriage.

debra Mathis
Jan 17, 2013 19:59

Is it too late to join lawsuit.Manager from 2002-present

Jan 19, 2013 16:33

would love some information. still a manager not happy very tired.

Steve k
Jan 25, 2013 21:27

I would also like to join this lawsuit if possible. I was a store manager from 09/2005 to 03/2012. For 5 years, I ran the #1 store in my district. This store was also in the top 25 stores in the company.Everything I have read in comments from everyone else is TRUE. God forbid you may want a personal life!!! you can’t have it. You have to work 70-75 hours every week just to keep up appearances and tasks.I have never seen a company before this one that promotes healthy lifestyles and stress reduction, and then makes it impossible to attain. If anyone wants to vent, contact me!

esther moulton
Jan 29, 2013 16:59

i was a manager that would have had 10 years with dollar general in june of 2007. i was terminated in march of 2007. i would like to join in on the settlement. i was only a manager for about 2 or three years. but i was at the store 60+ hrs per week.i felt as if i got a raw deal when i was terminated. looking forward to hearing from you. esther moulton dollar general store#3432 hohenwald tn 38462

Jan 30, 2013 13:51

I only lasted as a Dollar General store manager for 15 months Working up to a 100 hours a week was just too much !!

becky sloan
Feb 5, 2013 15:04

any new on the lawsuite yet

sherry hewitt
Feb 12, 2013 12:52

I would like to join this if it is not to late. I have been a store manager for Dollar General off and on for 6 years. They do over work you. I have worked 60 to 68 hours aweek maney times. Then when I got sick from being exhaustion I was not treated very well. Also they exspect you to do truck take venders and wait on customers and set the store all in one. It is impossible to do theese things like they exspect. Also when you call upon your dm for help there reply is this is your store deal with it how you need to. Then when you do not do what they wanted they give you very criticle reveiws. In the whole time i worked for this company they never give anyone regonition for anything done well.It is all negative on there part. The state law requires that if a emloyee works 8 hours or more they get a hour lunch break My employees did. But there are many store managers that only give the employees a 1/2 hour break because they exspect to much to get done. So the employees are cheated out of this.

Feb 16, 2013 9:16

I was a store manager in 2012. Could someone please contact me about what my rights are as an over-worked, harassed employee?

robin shipley
Feb 17, 2013 11:16

i was checking on the progress on this case.please let me know.thank you

Feb 17, 2013 14:10

was checking on the progress too, please let me know thank you

Feb 27, 2013 21:36

I have heard that this lawsuit was dismissed….not sure why no one was told…perhaps they are regrouping….

Mar 1, 2013 13:08

I would love to be included in this lawsuit. I am a current DG SM and everything everyone has said is true. This company abuses the salaried “managers” like they are nothing. It is ridiculous. I would quit if I could, but I need the income and wouldnt get unemployment if I quit. But, I have a lot to contribute about continued use and abuse of store managers.

Elizabeth vega
Mar 2, 2013 1:49

Just wondering whats going on

Mar 9, 2013 6:10

yes, I heard this law suit was dismissed. And yet I received a check for a settlement from another attorneys office, when I only went through you?—-NOT satisfied

becky sloan
Mar 11, 2013 10:51

trying to get a up date on the lawsuite on dollargeneral

beverly roberts
Mar 11, 2013 11:04

I was a manager for dollar for 10 yrs. I recently left dollar general. I can attest to the facts about the tremendous amount of hours they force the managets to work or you will face the repercussions.i was required to work 32 straight hours on my store without leaving due to the demands made but the district manager in order for her to receive her highest bonus possible without concern for the amount of workload she forced upon me and because she refused to allow any other employees to help in order to get it done for free because i was a salaried employee. This condition happens all the time now. How’s to in the store have been taken away from all managers in this district and we are forced to pick up the extra workload because we ate salary and if we don’t , they threaten us with termination.

beverly roberts
Mar 11, 2013 11:10

Please notify me by email of this law suit is still active and i and other manager who have experienced this condition can join .

Marga Pilcher
Mar 11, 2013 15:43

I would like to be added to this lawsuit. I to worked 70 plus hours a week. And was told by DM that was still not enough because everything was not getting done.

Kathy D Medlin
Mar 11, 2013 19:07

I would like to join this lawsuit if there is still time I went to work for Dollar General in 2002 and worked for them untill 2011 I averaged 70 hours a week but was only allowed to clock in for 1 hour a week and my check stub said 40 hours . I was told we had to work as many hours as it would take but was never given the tools it needed to operate as many managers had to do the same thing. I needed my job as a single parent so I did what I had to do . At times managers were sent to other stores to help clean them up but we didnt get any extra hours to cover our stores and was still expected to keep our stores as models. I Feel we were set up for failure in the beginning and were not paid properly .

Kathy Medlin

Sonja Griffin
Mar 12, 2013 9:16

I want to be a part of this law suit I worked for Dollar eneral from 2006 to 2009 average 60 – 70 hours per week and was never paid over time. It was required to work more than 40 hours per week.and we were only to clock in 1 hour per week so we can not go back and track time punches. The way managers are treated at Dollar General was so stressful, I got very sick and finally had to quit for health reasons.

Mar 13, 2013 5:24

its been almost a year since I received any information about the lawsuit. We need an update.

Sandy Rusher
Mar 14, 2013 13:36

I would also like to join if it’s not to late.. I didn’t have knowledge of this until recently and I have been employees at dollar general for 5 years and work nearly 60-70 hours a week.. We are expected to work long hours to keep payroll in budget.

Gloria Carr
Mar 20, 2013 16:33

Former store managerof 5 years.would like to join lawsuit if its not too 252-531-3573

William Zebeck
Mar 22, 2013 14:58

I am not very familiar with this lawsuit, but I have already filed with the E.E.O.C. charges of discrimination on the bases of gender. My DM believed that only the females were to run register and the males were to do the stocking. He would state this during manager conference calls every week. I was prevented from advancement because I was considered desperate to be a male doing a females job of working the register. I am currently seeking legal counsel. If you have any knowledge of this practice and or wish to participate please contact me at I only stumbled upon this site so the best way to contact me is via my email.

Elizabeth Brown
Apr 8, 2013 15:20

three years of store manager and I worked 60-80 hours a week and had a dm who shaved off payroll given to managers. got threatened for going over payroll, tried to cut payroll by not calling employees in until noon, and had myself run the register, got threatened not to do that. got threatened for everything. I was an associate with a manager title. What do we do for someone to really help us. How do we join a case for this?

Lorin Inman (Vincent at time of employment
Apr 28, 2013 3:17

How do I get involved in this lawsuit, I was a store mgr for thus company in 2010 to 2011 when I quit due to overworkef, no time off and no support from anyone. I worked 70+ hours every week, even doing schedules and other paperwork at home csuse off just not enough time in a day. Someone please contact me. I was even originally not paid the correct salary and was not retro paid.

May 15, 2013 6:57

I want to be involved in this lawsuit. I was a 3rd key making $8.25 per hour with responsibilities of management….we open store, close store, make deposits, set planograms, answer emails, not allowed to leave premise for lunches and breaks if just a cashier working. Work hours by yourself, counsel employees, called on duty manager, have to do everything a manager does without the pay, and they do not allow overtime and managers are overworked. I was recently injured on the job then fired after I filed workman’s compenstion. This company needs to be taught a serious lesson. I may have permenant damage to my right hand and I am right handed.

becky sloan
May 30, 2013 10:23

trying to get up date on the law suite 903-744-5594

Jackie Coley
Jun 2, 2013 17:03

My complaint is a little different I have worked for dg almost 5 years,went where they sent me never complained I am an assistant manager.I went in to clean up stores when managers fell behind or were no longer there,I trained key holders to e assistants and they became managers before me my dm asked me to become a manager and when I decided to do it, he always gave the position to a white associate.I was next in line to get the store in mayo fl my dm was to download the managers test and never did I ask several times and just forgot it.He brought another manager from the lake city store that he was trying to get ride of and gave her the store another store came opened he gave that one to the key holder that i had trained to be an assistant she had only been asst,3mo even she didnt understand why she got the store.I then went to branford to clean another store for a year i was tormented by staff and customers asked questions like how have i been at this so long all the other blacks didnt stay i told them they were not gonna run my off but they tried i told my dm and called they said they didnt find anything.dg built a market store across the road and i went there as a merchandising manager nothing was never right that i did, i was lied on, the cashiers never listened to me i went to the manager and ask if i was doing anything wrong and what had happened to me at the other store that i had been lied on, he assured me there was no problems, everything got worse there were days i went to my car in tears to get away,i didnt no what to do i went back to the store manager again and told him i felt i was being mistreated because of my race he started to laugh and said jackie i dont think thats the problem, just do your job and stop thinking about these people,i ask him how can you tell me how i feel your not black when i couldnt get him to take me serious i went to the dm they call a meeting and turned everything on me.tried to say i wasnt doing my job and we all knew that was a lie even the some of the workers started talking about this was not true my dm told me and i quote jackie you knew you were being discrimanated on before you came to this store with employees and customers so you had a choice you did not have to come so get over it and do your job.i couldnt believe he said this to me i asked right then for a transfer to ms

Jun 17, 2013 17:08

I would love to join in on this I have a lot to say and can relate to a lot of these same issues

Jun 19, 2013 21:49

Please contact me I have been with DG for over a decade.

nick king
Jul 8, 2013 8:05

i would like to join this suit.i was screwed by dollar general and would like to be paid for mileage,manager duties,harrasments.
please contact me!!!!!!!!

Gloria Parton
Jul 12, 2013 6:12

Is it too late to join

Aug 12, 2013 23:00

I have worked with DG since April 2010 til Aug 2013 I was fired because I damaged out water and let the emp and truck drivers drink it every emp in the store used the water and I was termed??? I have did it every since I have been there. Anyone and everyone there knows the AC does not work in the stores. And as far as pay I used to clock in and was told if I did not stop I would get fired. I have worked up to 90 hours a week and nothing not even a thank you. This company is nothing bout about there money. I have cancer and would do a treament and come back to work and work. Did this company care NO!!! Please if you can help me let me know?

becky sloan
Aug 23, 2013 8:55

trying to get up date on lawsuite or is it still going on.
new number 903-744-5594 410 w taylor st Sherman tx 75092

David Goldberg
Aug 27, 2013 10:35

I find it interesting as I never was given any information about a class action lawsuit against Dollar General.
I worked for them in management from 7/4/1994 to 11/07/1997. We always did the majority of the stock work and all the manual resets.The majority of our job was not managerial.

Sherrie Turner
Aug 30, 2013 2:54

was notified by a state agency that I had received a check from Dollar general litigation in Jan, Feb, and Mar of 2013. I never received these checks, who do I contact.

kelly lytle
Nov 15, 2013 17:03

I too was classified as Store manager, for 6 years.07/07/2007 to 04/08/2013. Worked 60 to 90 hours week. I quit after working 24 hours around the clock, and that wasn’t the first time ,because of this Company cutting hours after they put atlas on their computers. Expected two, to three people a day to handle 500 hundred customers come in the store a day. ” that does not account for their family, kids or friends to come in with them. Holidays would average 600 to 700 hundred customers. Also reported to loss prevention about their DM, being on pain killers. Did nothing.

Dec 25, 2013 22:28

Can I still get in on this case? Please let me know asap

Cindy Tiffany
Jan 30, 2014 20:59

please add me to the list

Stacy Shell
Jan 31, 2014 13:40

Please email me to be added to the list if possible Thank you.

Feb 9, 2014 19:59

I also worked for Dollar General for 3 and a half years. I could tell some stuff on them if this suit is still going on I would love to know who to talk to. They told me I was being “childish” because on my scheduled day off I went to see my doctor. Dollar General does not care about their store managers or any other employee. I was not paid for meetings we had out of town or for my training. And they call me childish.

Mar 12, 2014 19:04

My husband was a part of this lawsuit. The judge in the end denied it for a class action case. Beasley Allen told us in December that the case had been settled and they would be sending out a letter. We assume that they received their court costs etc. and the litigants nothing. We haven’t heard for sure, but the fact that they haven’t rushed to inform us pretty much tells the tell. Sad, my husband was one of the 450 to actually give a deposition. He was a great manager and definitely put the time in. Family Dollar is benefiting from his work ethic now.

Mar 12, 2014 19:10

One more thing, according to the Federal Wage laws, to be considered an “exempt” employee (from OT) you have to be supervising in excess of 80 hours of other employees. If you are managing a staff of less than that in hours, REGARDLESS OF YOUR PAYROLL DOLLARS, then your company is breaking federal law. Know your rights!

Robert Wilcox
Mar 18, 2014 14:05

I too, was a store manager for about seven years, and my story is the same as most of the worst above. I ran multiple stores at the same time with no additional pay, no compensation for car use, gasoline etc…not to mention the 80 plus hours and no real power, to go with the title of store manager. Please contact me about joining this lawsuit! Best regards, Robert Wilcox

becky sloan
Mar 30, 2014 12:46

just trying to get a up date on the lawsuite havent heard anything in a while 903-744-5594

Apr 21, 2014 10:27

We received a call from Beasley Allen after my March post saying that they had had some details to iron out with the Dollar General attorney and that they would be sending out a letter to the litigants to approve the settlement. I would like a letter soon so we can put this matter to bed. Dollar General, Family Dollar (cutting hours now), Kmart (my husband was there 28 years) and most retailers all run the same. They cut what they consider their only controllable expense: payroll. When they do this, store conditions deteriorate, which decreases sales, then they cut payroll more to make up for the loss. It’s a cycle that the higher ups never seem to understand. Sales are down because the economy is poor and COOs make knee jerk desperation moves that cost their company more in implementation than it would to increase payroll. But I digress…. :)

Apr 22, 2014 11:10

I am sure my husband would want to be apart of this lawsuit to. i think they are worse than walmart.

becky sloan
Apr 23, 2014 16:04


becky sloan
May 11, 2014 16:19

just trying to get a update on the lawsuite

Barbara McKay
May 17, 2014 15:24

I was a manager for Dollar General and I joined the lawsuit while I was still employed and I have not received anything concerning the lawsuit, I was also FIRED once Dollar General realized that I joined the suit, I would like to find an attorney that will take my case for wrongful termination, Please Please contact me@225-305-5148 or Thank You

Brenda Allison
May 30, 2014 22:42

I would like to join this lawsuit. I was a manager of a Dollar General Store for 7 years and I stepped down to assistant manager because of health problems. I could not work the 50 to 60 hours required to do this job.I worked overtime and was nof paid for it. As Assistant Manager I was fired May 19th for non productive according to them. She hired a friend of hers to be lead clerk but I found out by her actions she wanted her to be assistant manager. She wrote me up 3 times in one week so she could get rid of me. The write ups were not warranted.This lead clerk worked off the clock i know of 4 times. I have more things that can be said.I would like to hear from someone on my charges. I found out her friend is now assistant manager.

Thank You
Brenda Allison

Jun 2, 2014 7:54

Folks are you reading the comments?! This has already been through litigation.

Jun 2, 2014 8:15

How about an update Beasley Allen? Thanks!

Jun 20, 2014 14:11

I would lke to know if this case is over. If not I would like to join this suit. I worked for DG for 13 years
was Manager for 8 almost 9 years so I know what everyone is talking about.. Contact , P.O. Box 67 Clarks,La. 71415

becky sloan
Jun 24, 2014 11:11

how about update
thank you

Jun 28, 2014 9:45

This is funny. My daughter and her girlfriend got a part time jobs at Dollar General, the same one my husband managed back in 2006. The store manager told them that she didn’t have enough payroll, so they would have to punch out at 10:30 and then finish. Some employees worked ’til midnight. My daughter knows better of course, and quit. Her girlfriend reported it to the district manager. THAT will help! :P

Jun 28, 2014 9:52

@Becky Sloan, if you were a party to this lawsuit, just email or call them for an update. They represent you as a party. Did you mail in the original paperwork? If not, they can’t talk to you about it.

Aug 1, 2014 16:34

Settlement is over with. They have mailed us our settlement checks…. was anyone disappointed???

Jeff Bigelow
Aug 7, 2014 14:32

Was wondering if still in lawsuit. Haven’t had letter in over a year

Aug 11, 2014 7:10

@Marshall have you gotten a settlement check are just the settlement paper?

tiffany lindsay
Aug 14, 2014 8:18

August 18th they go before the courts to get the settlement amount approved. They normally lower the amount the lawyers get but after that it takes about a month before we get our money.

Aug 25, 2014 11:41

Thanks, Tiffany Lindsay keep me posted

Debra Pollard
Sep 1, 2014 11:41

I was an employee since 2002. I was fired on July31, 2014. I knew for almost 2 years since the region changed and the New Regional Manager told his DM that he wanted me fired. I was told this by 2 DM. I was told it was because my performance was not up to standards. As with most of the managers that I know, it is impossible to do what they want. While I was employed I have proof that my DM told his managers that they would have to stay and finish putting up there truck if it was not done by the two days that the company gave them to complete the truck in. I also have the proof where the DM says that a manager has to work 6 days a week and 48 or more hours a week. I just do not understand why a manager would be told to stay and put the rest of the freight up when it is against co. policy to stay in the store after hours by yourself. You are not to go over your budget or you will be wrote up or fired. How can you do what co. policy says when the regional and dm are telling you different. If there is any Law Suite still on gong today please contact me. I would love to talk and let you know what I have to show.
Dollar General is just getting rid of all the manager who have been around for a while and have high salary when they can pay new manager a lower salary.

Tiffany Lindsay
Sep 15, 2014 23:38

Checks will be issued sometime this year. Feel free to call 1-800-549-7320 to make sure they received your paperwork and copy of drivers license.

becky sloan
Sep 16, 2014 5:26

just checking to see if you got all my paperwork and to see when e would received the check
becky sloan 903-718-1718

Sep 18, 2014 12:48

I just spoke to someone and was told it will be another month or two before I will be mailed a check. I’m not getting any updates or a concrete answer that makes sense. Oh well go figure. Always a WAITING GAME. Key word GAME.

Sep 18, 2014 16:21

Sorry I meant to say settlement papers, but I did speak to someone in the Lawyers office and they said the checks should be mailed out sometime this year meaning it might be December before we get it. If anyone has any more updates then let them know,

Sep 20, 2014 11:46

Was just wondering if you can still be in this lawsuit. I was a manager for 8 yrs. Always working extra hours to meet the demands of Dollar General.

tiffany lindsay
Sep 23, 2014 18:47

Glad to be getting closure I go into dollar general and spend 10 dollars every other month. They are cleaning them up in my area and adding a family dollar. The employees are few. I just hate they have not learned a lesson from this lawsuit and others.

norma vaughan
Oct 23, 2014 21:47

I have worked for dollar general for 14 1/2 years. sept 29th me and my whole crew quit at the end of shift. I work 50 to 60 hrs every week. some weeks more if a key holder called in. I was told when I got the job that my duties was to manage the store. Do all paper work, and manage my team. My dm is always bringing new manager in for me to train. Not giving me anymore money. And we get 1 day off a week. and usual on that day you still have a conf call you have to take from home. never no time for your family. It really also upset me when my dm made some sexual remarks about his boyfriend and himself. And then he made another remark to a keyholder and just tried to laugh it off. The last year has been the most stressful. I lost my brother, then my sister got sick. and the dm does nothing to help you out. and I asked for a sit down with reg and that never took place. I am now on two types of med for my stress and nevers from dollar general. and the company could care less. have called them so many time and no respond. And I also have no use of my right hand. but if the freight didn’t get put out in 48hrs. it was my place with the use of 1 hand to unload the freight. an one evening I cut my thumb with the knife and had to have 4 stitches. and the dm couldn’t find anyone to fill in for me so I had to go back that evening to close down the store. and the dr told me to go home. dollar general cause nothing about there management.

Oct 30, 2014 10:14

So what is happening on this was it corrected because my husband is also on this problem told he had to work 48 and work 60 hrs a week this is crazy

Nov 13, 2014 10:20

Just spoke with receptionist at attorney office said is still in the courts and as soon as they heard something about expected checks sent out will notify by mail and that dollar general would be doing the checks..Sounds like it wont be this year if courts still have it

becky sloan
Nov 17, 2014 6:45

trying to get a update on the lawsuite
thank you becky sloan

Betsy A. D'Iorio
Nov 20, 2014 16:42

HI, just want to notify you of a change of address.
Previous address:

8025 Ohio Dr. Apt 14115
Plano, TX 75024
New address:

9607 Custer Rd. Apt 122
Plano, TX 75025

Phone number and email are the same.
Thank You,

Debra Jewell
Nov 23, 2014 22:01

I worked for DG for 13 years, I left because I worked 104 hours a week for 2 months straight with no day off, now I can’t fine another job.

Dec 2, 2014 8:47

The judge in the case has to approve any settlement terms. Don’t hold your breath, he ruled on this over two years ago! It’s pretty simple judge, we and DG agree with the $, because that’s what’s on the table, and since you decertified us, we have to take it. Sign it and let’s get this over with. I’m sure DG would like to close it out before the end of their fiscal year so they can move on to the next one. Now they can be a little cocky with future lawsuits because of this one. Sad.

Yvonne Laclair
Dec 19, 2014 8:43

i signed a lot of paperwork back in 2010 ….

need to change address from.

970 mooretown road, rocky point, nc 28457

to: 309 parrot swamp loop road
Hubert, nc. 28539
(910) 228-4292

Dec 19, 2014 9:47

The judge approved the settlement. Now it’s up to DG issuing checks, etc. We’re getting there!

Dec 29, 2014 13:26

They said checks would be mailed on on or b/f January 31st

Jan 1, 2015 19:41

A store manager is required to work 40 hours a week in the store at the minimum correct? And a reg store sales associate is not allowed to close out the register either right?? Because there is a store manager at the dollar general store in ny where my boyfriend work and Since he was hired and doing manager work yet only getting paid a reg. Associate hourly pay plus closing out the register and doing all the manager duties n getting paid nothing and isn’t a store manager supposed to atlas close 2 nights a week??? Either way she hiring people to do jobs they are not getting paid to do she changing schedules via txt instead of the store where the schedule hangs. She is also pretty much working from home…..what? Since when do store managers only go to the job to check in for an hour or 2 a day n then work from home! She has no clue what she’s doing and she schemes on her employees! That store my boyfriend works in has never looked as great as it does before started however he was busting his butt (because clearly she didn’t do anything otherwise it wouldn’t had looked the way it did) because he was under the impression that he was a key holder/assistant manager and getting paid less than 9. An hour! One min. He has a manager position and the next he’s a reg. Sales associate and she gave someone else the position with out his knowledge or all the same requirements that he needed to do to get the position. What kind of people do u have running these stores!

becky sloan
Feb 2, 2015 6:18

any word on the checks yet
becky sloan

Feb 5, 2015 20:17

Our check and copy of the settlement docs my husband signed arrived Monday. They came certified, so if you have a notice to pick up something at the post office, I would.

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