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Firm sponsors Gardasil film documenting harmful side effects

Our firm has committed financially to help a group of independent filmmakers in the creation of a documentary that would shed light on the harmful side effects of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. Titled “One More Girl,” the documentary will share the stories of individuals and families devastated following a Gardasil injection.  The vaccine, which is touted as a prevention for four types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that could cause cervical cancer, has been linked to thousands of serious adverse event reports and more than 80 deaths. Leigh O’Dell, a in our Mass Torts Section, is working on a number of cases on behalf of clients who were harmed by Gardasil. Leigh had this to say:

We believe that efforts such as this film, ‘One More Girl,’ are vital to getting the word out about the dangers of Gardasil. We are pleased to be able to support this worthwhile project and trust that many will learn about the unreasonable risks associated with Gardasil prior to having their daughters vaccinated.

The film’s title is a play on the effective Gardasil advertising campaign, “One Less,” which encouraged girls to be vaccinated so they could be “one less girl with cervical cancer.” The drug is manufactured and marketed by Merck & Co. Filmmakers Ryan and David Richardson decided to make the film after their sister, Donielle Richardson, suffered an adverse reaction after receiving the vaccine. They found thousands of other cases of girls suffering serious illnesses, or who had died, after receiving the vaccine.

Their production company is named ThinkExist Productions. They have partnered with two Gardasil advocacy groups, and SANE VAX Inc., to develop the film, which will share personal stories of adverse reactions and deaths linked to the drug, and also will cover the social and political trail of deception over the global mass marketing of HPV vaccines. The film is expected to begin production this summer, with release tentatively scheduled in 2012. For more information, visit the official film website at


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Pamela Juhr
Jun 30, 2011 9:50

Thanks for supporting this effort. I think if I was aware of the side effects of this shot I may have had a second thought before giving it to my daughter. Her life has changed since my decision to vaccinate and I regret giving to her.

Firm sponsors Gardasil film documenting harmful side effects | SaneVax
Oct 5, 2011 14:49

[...] Jere Beasley Report [...]

Oct 17, 2011 19:03

What kind of efforts are those


What product goes to market without all testing and gets legal

then try to mandate it/./

Merck is the pusher

All that talk sounds like somethings being done
but thats it

Nothing is being done

Send out a PLAY



they, those behind it, will come, that is their intention

Mandate, what has not been tested
does not make sence
they must be retarded and took CDC or FDA or something


Nov 19, 2011 16:41

Gardasil all HPV Vaccines

How does a vaccine work when acquired immunity has not been established
As in that is how vaccines work, Acquired immunity was seen and documented in man or animal and a vaccine was made that had this immunity in it ,

The Vaccine has an immunity in it, to work small pox cow pox chicken pox
the vaccine for small pox and chicken pox has this immunity cell structure so the body can learn the immunity

HPV a Wart No NO no, a man or animal in history has not developed the immunity, never get anouther Wart {external, internal}

warts plantar what ever
their all a wart
where they grow changes the name

complicated they made it
so they are lieing

nothing in government has the legal authority to make legal a product
with no msds
The product jumped through all the testing

Merck are lieing and pretending to be somehow that authority

Pharmacutical companys have not done this before
and then try to force mandate an untested vaccine
a vaccine that, science in making vaccines does not support Gardasil or any HPV Vaccines

Their is some pilot project i noticed

computer program
Animated computer program to look like people and
get them to say what they would like to say
News government
To make Gardasil look legal
you have noticed
its a lot bigger
Criminal intelligences

laevern anonymous
Jul 18, 2012 20:20

All that talk sounds like somethings being done
but thats it

Nothing is being done

Send out a PLAY



they, those behind it, will come, that is their intention

Mandate, what has not been tested
does not make sence
they must be retarded and took CDC or FDA or something

when terrorists hide behind a back door

they have earned trust, that trust let down
authorities g

citizen lobby, research station,
gearing up since the 70s’
influenced, many trajectories
of disorder

federal contractors for transportation
made the military weak

military do not check their background
its in the earned trust
that the contractor do their part

ect ect ect

Apr 20, 2013 23:44

“Gov Perry addressed it well,” Falwell said while awaiting Perry’s arrival at Liberty University, founded by his late father, Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell. “I don’t think it’s an issue that should be held against him.”

Perry says

he regrets failing to seek approval from the Legislature before signing a 2007 executive order requiring Gardasil shots for girls,

behind the scenes what would a terrorist do,

fast pace it

use backdoors

use Government EXEMPTIONs as a means

ect,ect,ect They would be well Hidden, earned trusted, ect ect ect

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